Abita Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Pale Ale is inspired by the classic cocktail. It is brewed with malted barley and rye, and then aged in small batch bourbon barrels for eight weeks. After aging we add all the elements of an Old Fashioned – fresh orange peel, maraschino cherries and aromatic bitters to the brew. The result is a smooth, barrel aged beer with all the flavors of a classic Old Fashioned.

A Year of Beer Club (AYOB)

Welcome to Archer’s Tavern’s Beer Club site. Every Wednesday we tap a new beer at 5pm.

How to Join/Participate:
  1. Register here at this site. Click on the “log In” link and follow instructions.
  2. It’s free to join.
  3. Join us every Wednesday by 5pm to enjoy a great craft beer. When you order the beer of the week, you will be given a code to enter on this website.
    1. You must log into this site.
    2. On the home screen (after log-in) will be a description of the beer and, below the description, a field to enter the code.
    3. When you enter the code, chose the correct beer from the drop down menu and then rate the beer and comment about the beer. You may also attach a picture if you want.
    4. This is how we keep track of how many AYOB beer club beers you have had. As you finish a year, 2 years, etc. you will win prizes.
  4. On Wednesday only, the first 48 guest to purchase the beer will receive a logo glass from the brewery to take home with them. When the glasses run out, they’re gone- first come, first serve.
  5. On Wednesday only, we have some food pairing options for you to eat with your beer. These are meant to enhance your experience with the beer.
  6. If you can’t make it on a given Wednesday, come in later in the week and order the beer. You will still receive the code and it will count towards your beer club credit. As long as we have the given beer on tap, you may order it and receive credit- even if it is two weeks later (although they are usually gone by then).
  7. Under the “My Beers” tab you will find a list of all the AYOB beers you personally have had and your ratings for them. There will also be a number at the top which is how many beers you have had from the list of AYOB Beers.
  8. Under the “All Beers” tab you will find a list of all the AYOB beers we have tapped since we started the club.
  9. Have Fun!